The Route

100km - Full Challenge

56km/44km - 1st & 2nd Half Challenge

31km - 2nd Quarter Challenge

Starting in Richmond and along the Thames to Kingston. A semi-urban stretch is followed by the picturesque views from the North Downs and then on through the Surrey & Sussex countryside. A final push up the South Downs, you can now feel the sea air with fantastic views of the Brighton coast and the finish line ahead.

The route has 4 stages of 20km-31km, with a 'Rest Stop' at the end - with food & drink, toilets, & full support teams. In between - there are 'Mid Point Stops' with snacks & drinks, toilets, and medics. The total ascent (climb) across the 100km course is estimated at 1419 metres.

Stage 1 - Richmond to Carshalton

Leg distance: 25km     Total: 25km     Ascent: 207m

Mid-point stop: Green Lane, 12.2km

Major Rest Stop 2: Oaks Park, 24.5km

Setting out from the start line in Richmond Park and following the river Thames the challenge begins fairly flat and easy! We reach our 1st mid-point stop at Green Lane to refuel before continuing on through the urban landscape. After passing through the market town of Kingston, we stop at our 1st major rest stop and have a longer rest & a packed lunch.

Stage 2 - Oaks Park to Tulleys Farm

Leg distance: 31km     Total: 56km     Ascent: 477m

Mid-point stop: New Henhaw Farm, 40.5km

Major Rest Stop 2: Tulleys Farm, Crawley, 56km

Setting off towards the halfway rest stop of our full challenge, we enjoy views of scenic country side and urban vistas. A feast of hot food, cold food, drinks, medics, masseuses, marquee seating, toilets and much more await you at the Tullys Farm rest stop. Some of our Full 100 km Challengers will spend the night camping here before continuing the challenge bright and early the following morning. For our '1st Half Challengers' this is the finish point.

Stage 3 - Tulleys Farm to Wivelsfield

Leg distance: 24km     Total: 80km     Ascent: 363m

Mid-point stop: Ardingly, Haywards Heath, 67km

Major Rest Stop 3: Wivelsfield, Haywards Heath 80km

After some rest and recuperation, the Full Distance Challengers continue on the challenge, setting out towards Wivelsfield. This section of the route begins the stage over the North Downs. Heading through fields along trails stunning panoramic and isolated views await before reaching the rest stop. This, our final major rest stop before the finish and is stocked with lots of food and plenty of support on hand to prepare for the final leg of our challenge.

Stage 4 - Wivelsfield to Brighton

Leg distance: 20km     Total: 100km     Ascent: 372m

Mid-point stop: Plumpton College, Plumpton, 87km

The Finish: Brighton Racecourse, Brighton 100km

The final leg of our challenge takes us across the South Downs, passing through some of Englands finest countyside and views. We stop at Plumpton College for the final mid point stop of the challenge where we'll have a short rest for supplies and a hot drink before the final push. From here with renewed energy we continue on to Brighton, views of the coast and the sea air lie ahead before the welcome finish line where a medal, t shirt, glass of bubbly and a big celebration await.

There may be tweaks to parts of the route, which might affect exact locations of Rest Stops & stage distances. The final route is confirmed 1 month prior to the challenge

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