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How to join the Challenge

Registrations for 2017 will open shortly!

Sign up individually online - and: 

  • Fundraise for a charity of your choice or Self Fund (you pay full cost)

  • Join as an individual, create a New Team, or join an existing Team

  • Confirm whether you intend to WALK, JOG or RUN 

  • Select your charity to fundraise for (if applicable)

STEP 1 - Fundraise for Charity OR Self Fund?

Sign up to the challenge and fundraise for a Charity of your choice or alternatively you can self fund your place on the challenge and pay your own cost:

Details of Charity fundraising option

Choose a charity & commit to a Minimum Fundraising Target & pay a non refundable Registration Fee:

If you choose to fundraise for a Charity Partner save 20% off your registraton fees! Charity Partners are listed at the side of this page.

  • Full Island Challenge - £70 reg fee & £395 fundraising target
  • Half Island Challenge - £50 reg fee & £275 fundraising target
  • Quarter Island Challenge - £40 reg fee & £150  fundraising target

50% of the fundraising target must be recieved by your charity (or against your Just Giving page no later than 6 weeks prior to the challenge (13th April 2017). At this time your chosen charity will pay for your place on the event, failure to meet this target will result in your cancellation from the challenge. The remaining 50% fundraising will be due with your charity 4 weeks after the event (23rd June 2017).

Self Funding Costs

You can sign up and pay your full Challenge cost, without any fundraising requirement.

  • Full Island Challenge - total cost £175
  • Half Island Challenge - total cost £125
  • Quarter Island Challenge - total cost £65

Please note that the equivalent registration fee cost remains non-refundable. 

STEP 2 - Join as an Individual or a Team

Take on the challenge as an individual and meet others along the way - or join as a pair, team of friends or colleagues - there is no limit to team size and all teams can fundraise for the same or different charities as well as be a mix of self funders & fundraisers!

Joining as an Individual

  • Complete the registration form
  • You can join or create a Team later
  • Or go it alone & meet others
  • Our 'Trekmasters' are there to support

Joining an Existing Team

  • Your Captain has already set up the Team
  • You're about to join the Team
  • You'll need the Team Captain's name
  • You'll need the correct Team Name 
  • You register yourself individually,
  • Pay your Reg Fee & commit to fundraise

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