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For Charity
or Self Fund

Choose a special cause
or pay your own costs
and go for it ...


For Teams &

Sign up with friends, or
meet others enroute...

How to Join...


..applies to full & half distances

Step 1 - Charity or Self Fund

Sign up to fundraise for Charity with an initial Reg Fee - 20% OFF wtih Partner Charities - OR Self Fund and pay the full cost of your place.

Charity Fundraising Option >>

Choose a charity, pay a Registration Fee (non refundable) & commit to a Minimum Fundraising Target

  • Full Challenge £70 Reg Fee & £395 Min Fundraising / person
  • Half Challenge £50 Reg Fee & £275 Min Fundraising / person
  • Quarter Challenge £40 Reg Fee & £150 Min Fundraising / person

  • Charity Partners are shown at the bottom of this page.
  • CLICK HERE for a list of ALL participating charities.
  • Your chosen charity will contact you once registered
  • Nominate a charity not on the list by using the 'LISTED CHARITY' Reg form & select *Charity Not Listed*.


Note: At least 50% of the Min Fundraising Target should ideally be with your charity (or against your Just Giving page) no later than 6 weeks prior to the Challenge (14 April 2017). At this time your charity will pay a Fee, asociated with your place, to the Organiser - (fees are per person & depend on recruitment levels) - Full Challenge £120-£156, Half Challenge £80-108 & Quarter Challenge £40-£60). All fundraising must go directly to the Charity. Failure to meet the 50% target may result in your cancellation from the Challenge by your charity. The remaining 50% fundraising & any extra should ideally be with your charity 4 weeks after the Challenge at the latest (24 June 2017).

Self Funding Option >>

Sign up and pay the full Challenge cost online, without any fundraising requirement.

  • Full Challenge - total cost £175 / person
  • Half Challenge - total cost £125 / person
  • Quarter Challenge - total cost £70 / person

Please Note: a portion of the Self Fund cost is non-refundable - Full Island £70, Half Island £50 & Quarter Island £40 (which is equivalent to the Reg Fee on the Charity fundraising option). Any refunds are subject to the Conditions of Entry.

Step 2 - Individual or a Team

Individuals have a great opportunity to meet others. Teams can be of any size - fundraise for the same or different charities - or mix with self funders.

Joining as an Individual >>

  • Complete the registration form
  • You can join or create a Team later
  • Or go it alone & meet others
  • Our 'Trekmasters' are there to support

Creating a New Team >>

  • Choose a Team Captain & a TEAM NAME
  • The Team Captain registers first
  • The Team Name is required
  • Choose a start time for The Team
  • Team Captain pays their own Reg Fee
  • Team Captain shares details with other Team members
  • Other Team members then sign up via 'Join an Existing Team' option on the reg form

Joining an Existing Team >>

  • Your Team Captain has already set up the Team
  • Chose 'Join an Existing Team' on the Reg form.
  • You'll need the Team Captain's name
  • You'll need the correct Team Name (exact)
  • You register yourself individually,
  • Pay your own Reg Fee
  • Start Time needs to be as Team Captain confirmed

2 for 1 January Deal

Choose option relevant to you
Please read details before attempting to register

Two of us want to sign up >>

Sign up for a CHARITY PARTNER with a friend - both save 50% on Reg Fee

OR sign up for any LISTED CHARITY or to SELF FUND & save the EQUIVALENT CASH VALUE as above (£28 EACH for Full Challenge, £20 EACH for Half Challenge)


Offer is not valid for Quarter Challenges


PAIR UP - and agree that you are both going to register for a Challenge (same distance)

1st person signs up using the relevent form below (ie for a Charity Partner, or a Listed Charity, or Self Fund).
You need to provide details of the person who will 'join' you to get the discount.
You will need to state if you are - creating a New Team, joining an Existing Team, or joining as an Individual.

2nd person registers via a form below - (does not have to be for the same as 1st person - can be a mix of charity/self fund)
They will be asked to provide details of the 1st person (who nominated them) to get their discount.

-This offer can not be combined with any others such as multi-buy, past participants etc.

I registered before Jan & want to add a friend >>

You're signed up already (before 22nd December 2016) - and now you can get a friend to sign up for the same distance when signing up for a CHARITY PARTNER it's ZERO REG FEE!

OR it's the same cash value discount if they sign up for a LISTED CHARITY or to SELF FUND -  ie £56 for Full Challenge, £40 for Half Challenge (deal does not apply to Quarter Challenges).

CLICK HERE to nominate your friend to join you - we'll check your registration & send you an exclusive link for your friend to register. They will need to know your name & email address to complete the offer - and will still need to decide if they are - creating a New Team, joining an Existing Team, or joining as an Individual

-This offer can not be combined with any others such as multi-buy, past participants etc.

Special Discounts Available

BEST VALUE Multi Buy Deal >>

This is  our BEST VALUE DEAL -  Save up to 30% as a Self Funder - or 65% as a charity fundraiser if you are taking on 2 or more UK Ultra Challenges in 2017.

 for details & request your discount...